Steve Pitts

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Medium: Drawing

Artwalk 2018 Location: Lindsey Office Furnishings, 2223 1st Avenue North

My drawings are done by hand using Rapidiograph pens. The images are random and sometimes change significantly during creation.  My drawings are inspired by my interest in Hinduism, Tibetan Mysticism, floor plans of European Cathedrals, and crystallography. My drawings are an expression of the beauty found in symmetry. I incorporate archetypical symbols and shapes which may invoke a variety of conceptualizations.


At age twelve, my first drawings were of pipe organs, fortresses and castles. These were detailed, geometric designs drawn using a ruler, compass and pencil. During my high school years at Indian Springs School, I began to draw designs inspired by my interest in symmetry found in nature. I began my first serious drawings at age 23 while living in Austin, Texas, creating a series of 16 black and white mandala drawings. In 1986 I created my first drawings using color ink. Many of these were re-drawings of original black and white designs, although I created a few successful new designs. During 2007, I completed a new set of color drawings. One of my drawings has been published in a high school math textbook published by UK publisher HarperCollins. My website: has been visited by viewers from all over the world.


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