Sarah Scott

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Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2018 Location: Rogue Tavern Parking Lot: 2312 2nd Avenue North

I am a self-taught New Zealand artist, currently residing in Auburn, Alabama, USA. I grew up in an artistic household and dabbled with art in school, then turned it into a full time job seven years ago.

I work out my compositions digitally, using photos of friends or models as references, from which I carefully produce full-sized working drawings, which I then transfer to watercolour paper. I use cold-press Arches paper, and I keep my palette simple. I do not mix colours but layer them on top of each other to build up transparent glazes. Occasionally I enhance my work with other materials, such as resin and gold leaf.

I tend to work in series, completing a number of paintings around a single theme or subject. Recent series include ‘Matters of the Heart’, ‘Transformations’, ‘Modern Day Fairy Tales’, ‘Jazz and Blues’ and ‘Artists’ series. I am also the creator of ‘Share Your Tears’, an interactive art project based on finding beauty in pain. (

I have been featured in newspapers, magazines, documentaries and television news.

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