Laura Levie

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Medium: Watercolor

Artwalk 2018: Literacy Council of Central Alabama, 2301 1st Avenue N

An artist since childhood, I began taking art classes in a backyard studio when I was eight years old. Starting with pencil, I learned all major media, including watercolor, pen and ink, pastels, acrylic and oil. After moving to Massachusetts as 12 years old, I continued to pursue my passion through classes at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, eventually leading to majoring in English and Art History at Wake Forest University and studying art and architecture in Paris for a summer.

I like to tell stories, using animals, nostalgic objects and nature to evoke other worlds that are magical and to impart the joyful, reflective and transcendent moments in life. Mice appear in much of my work as a tribute to the clever, industrious creatures working behind the scenes to make our lives more wondrous.

I paint with watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper, and use bubble wrap, cheesecloth and rubbing alcohol to create interesting background textures for my whimsical illustrations. I wish to apply my art to everyday objects, such as accessories and paper products, which bring joy in everyday use. Why not take the art off the wall and experience the world with it?

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