Marysia Galbraith

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Medium: Ceramics

Artwalk 2018 Location: Athens Flatts Parking Lot, 2306 2nd Avenue North

Marysia Galbraith specializes in pottery that is made to be used and appreciated in everyday life. Aesthetics and function go hand in hand. Her glazed ceramics have wonderful tactile properties—the smoothness of shiny surfaces and the curves of hand-carved designs. They are meant to be touched. While each pot works well as a single, special piece, Marysia also makes “unmatched sets,” unified by color and form but each with its own unique carved design. 

Marysia Galbraith is an anthropologist, professor, and potter. She teaches at The University of Alabama in New College and the Department of Anthropology. But she was a potter first. As a member of the San Diego Potters Guild, Marysia exhibited her work in Balboa Park, The Grove Gallery, Twigg Street Gallery, and Signature Gallery. Since moving to Alabama twenty years ago, her work can be found at the Kentuck Gallery in Northport and at Naked Art in Birmingham.

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