Beth Bradley

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 Medium: Painting

Artwalk 2018 Location: Massey's on 2nd, 2318 2nd Avenue N



A self-taught acrylic painter with a 15-year career, I like vibrant colors and experimenting with other media – recently, oil pastels. I try hard to surprise myself and the viewer (!) – with shapes and techniques, but most of all, color blending.

Find me now at Daniel Day Gallery or Andrea Lucas Studios – my stuff has cropped up in numerous venues and galleries and hangs in cool homes throughout Birmingham. The 18+ paintings in my current ‘Gypsies & Poets’ series emerged over several months.

My process is intuitive. Canvas on the floor, apply gel medium, pumice gel, elements like paper, gauze, or recycled saris. Add white, umber, blue. The aim in my floor work is to create a nuanced, textured, neutral and still wet background. I then place canvas on easel, and the fun begins. Fields of bright colors, then dirty them up with browns or their complements. In between, I marry colors, then marry those colors to other colors. Finally, I step back and wait for images to call to me, usually women. I sketch them in to various degrees. Lately, most of the images feel like gypsies or poets – not mush or romantic – but strong, opinionated, defiant, with a mouth on them.

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