Steve Johnson

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 Medium: Jewelry

Artwalk 2018 Location: Gallery Lofts Parking Lot, 2412 2nd Avenue North


I fell in love with photography as a teenager, and for many years I was an avid hobbyist. I had the opportunity to begin working with video production starting in the 1980s, and worked for many years as a producer, director, editor and cameraman for commercial, broadcast and religious video production.  

In 2004 I refocused my attention on still photography, my first love.  I primarily have worked as a wedding and special event photographer since that time.  

Taking advantage of every opportunity to future my education I have taken classes, attended seminars, or read books on a variety of subjects about photography and art in order to increase my knowledge and skills. And was inspired to pursue my MFA.  

My love and passion for photography has grown even more since completing my MFA program.  The pursuit of fine art photography is now my life.

Currently I still shoot weddings and special events.  One of my favorite projects is working with the Alabama School of Fine Arts shooting for the Dance and Drama Departments.  I have been able to help the school with a number of fund raising events as a result of this work.  Additionally, I regularly work on my own art, exploring opportunities to share my vision. It is here that my greatest joy comes.


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