Michael Molay

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Medium: Printmaking

Artwalk 2018 Location: Massey's on 2nd, 2318 2nd Avenue North

Artist’s Statement:

Birmingprints are a collection of printed linocut blocks, impressions of the iconic and ordinary places of past and present Birmingham.  Inspiration of the process comes from the artists background in product design and experience with printmaking, whose ethos is to provide unique, hand-made art affordable for all.  Taken from sketches and photographs from the artist or the library archives, Birmingprints works to capture the Birmingham we have known, loved, or left.

About the Artist:

Michael Molay runs this strange experiment called Birmingprints, a collection of linocut prints based around the everyday places of long-gone Birmingham. Other subjects include cars, plants, and more—the roots of it all comes from turning the forgotten or into a tangible memory.  A background in industrial design and web design, catch him loitering around his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. 

To view Birmingprints Gallery, visit www.birmingprints.com.

For upcoming shows, visit     www.instagram.com/birmingprints.

To view portfolio or other works, visit www.mimolay.wix.com/home.

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